Glossary – The Gee Chronicles



Bones Principle — Named for its discoverer, Mike Dorn Wiss, or O_Bones as he was known on OKBridge, who describes it as follows: “When defending versus Gee, if he is to play the hand, wait until he stops bidding; then, no matter your hand or the auction, double for penalties. It will be the winning action in about 90% of the cases.” It has spawned a logo, a category, a verb — to bones is to double for penalties without sufficient, or any, defensive values — and several extensions, notably the Bones Redouble.

captain-crew theory — The Maestro’s chief contribution to bidding theory. To do it justice would require a book. One bidder, so far as I can tell, is the captain; the other is the crew. The crew merely responds to requests for information from the captain, who places the contract. It resembles a relay system, except that all bids are natural and there are no relays. The captain and crew can exchange roles at any time during the auction, depending on the identity of the players and the prevailing Law of the Sea.

Dr. Robert — An expert Geeologist, who has kindly agreed to give Chronicles readers the benefits of his keen psychological insight. The Gee phenomenon cannot be confined to bridge; it has medical aspects as well.

Miami endplay — Exiting as declarer and allowing the defense to take the rest of the tricks. In its pure form, the Miami involves passing up the chance to force the defender to lead into your tenace and leading into his instead. See here.

Mini-Gee — Also known by his OKBridge handle, petit_g, the Maestro’s most faithful and longest-suffering student. Origin.

STCP (ess-TEE-cee-PEE) — Small-Time Club Player. Often written STCP™. First applied, I am proud to say, to me; later used to refer to anyone unable to follow the Maestro’s always complex and sometimes byzantine logic, which is to say, everyone.

Sticks and Wheels — Occ. Stix. Down four vulnerable, or five non-vulnerable, 1100. Named for — look at the number and you tell me. So common a theme that it merits its own logo, and category.

WWGD (wudzh) — What Would Gerard Do? The question all STCPs must ask themselves before every bid and play. Our expert panel considers several examples.

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