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Table Talk

Oct 212002

“I have no opinion of myself, which is making me even more mad, because it is not my concern what I am.”

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Oct 192002

“I expected all the hands to be single-suited.”

—explaining to his partner why he took a vulnerable sac for 500 against a non-making, non-vulnerable five clubs after hearing an unusual 2NT on his left

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Oct 092002

“Learn to respect your opps…you will not be a champion until you learn how to do that…gambling against great players is a losing proposition.”

—lecturing Mini-Gee while playing against a high school and a college student

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Oct 092002

“If only I could make him study conventions so he knows what he is playing, we could make a good guy out of him.”

—discussing his protege, Mini-Gee

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Sep 282002

“We don’t use what is called count and attitude…we don’t lead 4th best nor 3/5th and any of these things.”

—describing his version of Roman leads and discards

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Sep 212002

“I regret to say I am right more often than I wish to be.”

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Sep 012002

“The hell with the Bones Principle…that’s two hands in a row I underbid because of that stupid thing.”

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Sep 012002

“Who cares if I loose 1 hand here and there by 1100 points as long as I win more than I loose?”

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Aug 092002

“I really would like to know what you are saying in spec that someone just sent me more insults just now telling me I have no business playing with or against experts, teaching…..and saying that you are all making fun of me up there!!!!!!”

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