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Table Talk

Dec 222002

“My principle is, if open NT, try to play in a major. If not open in NT try to play in NT.”

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Dec 172002

“All I do is win and win and win you still think I’m a terrible player.”

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Nov 292002

“It was not a play error, it was a play concept error.”

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Nov 272002

“Since when I do things right we get bad scores, maybe if I do things wrong we’ll get tops.”

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Nov 242002

“I’m the biggest masterpoint winner in California, doesn’t that count for anything?”

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Nov 242002

“It hurts when a regular partner falls for rumors and turns me down…especially when we have never lost a game together.”

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Nov 042002

“Those who can’t lose 1700 can’t win 1700 either.”

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Oct 262002

“Jealousy is what makes Aaron and his followers treat me the way they do.”

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Oct 212002

“Experts say I am an expert, novices say I am an expert, intermediates say I am an expert, advanced players say I stink.”

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