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Table Talk

Aug 082002

“They [the specs] don’t care if I do something right. They want to see the wrong things. That’s why they come, to justify why I am the laughing stock of okbridge, as one of them so gently qualified me…why did Marilyn Monroe commit suicide? …her and so many others?”

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Jul 292002

“I was told by [an innocent party] that I was the laughing stock of OKBridge just now… Aaron’s website seems to work very nicely… I give up… farewell all.”

—giving his latest OKBridge valedictory (he was playing again two hours later)

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Jul 232002

“The Bones Principle is as stupid as its inventor…when my partners overbid or don’t tell me their hand properly (90% of the time) I go to forbidden places. If Bones cannot see that, he should not pretend to be an ‘expert.'”

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Jul 222002

“I’m too disgusted with what’s going on. I need a clear head to win the Nationals. I don’t want to finish in 20th or 30th place.”

—asked if he was planning to attend the nationals

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Jul 112002

“With eight cards and the AKJ I always try to drop the Q.”

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Jul 102002

“I have lost all my students except one thanks to Aaron [names of several innocent parties follow] and the gracious publicity they are giving me…I want to thank you Aaron and your friends for a job well done!”

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Jul 082002

“You keep going and going against my wishes…you think you’re gonna get away with it?”

—threatening me with legal action, or something

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