Can’t Have Just One – The Gee Chronicles
Sep 262002

Both Vul
Dealer: North
Lead: HK

S 4
H 8 6 5 4 3
D J 6 5
C K Q 6 5
S K J 8 6
H K 2
D Q 9 8
C A 9 7 2
[W - E] janet
S 10 7
H A J 9 7
D A 10 2
C J 10 8 3
S A Q 9 5 3 2
H Q 10
D K 7 4 3
C 4


1 S
2 S


Today we have a rarity in the Chronicles, a normal auction. Gee’s hand is not nearly as bad as some that are opened routinely by experts these days, yesterday’s 1D for instance, and in third seat opening 1S mandatory. North’s 1NT is absolutely standard, as is Gee’s 2S reply. East makes a thin but plausible balancing double vulnerable; E/W could easily have a nine-card fit somewhere. Admittedly West’s penalty pass has a faint hint of Bones Principle about it. Still, it wasn’t alerted, as it must be in that case, and 2S seems a pretty big favorite to go down at least 1.

One can certainly envision this auction at another table. Then there’s the play.

West leads the HK, best for the defense, and continues hearts to East’s ace. A third round of hearts is led, and Gee makes the expert loser-on-loser play of discarding his stiff club, preserving trump control in dummy to ruff the sixth round of hearts. (West also sluffs a club.)

East shrugs and leads another heart. Gee with admirable consistency discards a diamond. (The whole obstinate line markedly resembles the 2HX hand from last week on which Gee achieved sticks and wheels in defiance of any rational expectation. A close comparison of the two will reward the reader.) A club shift brings another small diamond from Gee, as West wins the CA. She shifts to diamonds, East winning DA. Six tricks are in for the defense and no trump have been pulled.

East leads another diamond, and finally, finally Gee gets in with the DK. His low trump is ducked around to East’s S7, and Gee must still lose two more trump tricks to West’s KJx for sticks and wheels. So it turns out that Bones didn’t have very long to wait after all. Which is nice.

  2 Responses to “Can’t Have Just One”


    What more can we say but another unlucky hand for Gee :(


    Ain’t that a pip? I guess only impatient people feel made to wait while those of infinite patience must feel events happen quickly; we who are in between are frequently surprised by the swiftness of inevitable happenstance, even when that occurrence is Gee going for stix & wheels.

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