Double Dummy – The Gee Chronicles
Sep 202002

None Vul
Dealer: South
Lead: SA

S 10 9 3
H Q 6
D A Q 10 7
C Q J 10 8
S A 8 5
H K 10 7 5 3
D 9
C K 9 5 2
[W - E] tschen
S K Q J 6 2
H 2
D K J 8
C A 7 4 3
S 7 4
H A J 9 8 4
D 6 5 4 3 2
C 6



1 C


1 S

2 H


Well, it’s been a while.

At first glance it appears that Gee, sitting South, has a couple of alternatives after his partner opens a third-hand 1C and East overcalls 1S. An STCP™ might consider a negative double (pass is a bit chicken, especially non-vulnerable) but experts know that a negative double is always wrong with a five-card major. Of course in this case N/S miss their nine-card diamond fit, but no methods, no matter how sophisticated, can cover all contingencies. Still, it’s too good a hand to pass, so what’s left but 2H? Gee accordingly bids it. This is passed back to East, who doubles for takeout, and West is more than happy to leave it in.

2HX looks to be down 2, but some declarers just can’t catch a break. The defense opens with three rounds of spades, Gee discarding a club on the third round to minimize communication with dummy. The club shift is ruffed, and Gee plays a low trump to the HQ, which holds. Two tricks in, trump ace in hand, and yet it is still possible to go down 5!

The first key play is another trump, on which West shows out, discarding a club. Gee goes up with the ace, leaving West with K107 of trump over declarer’s J9, and leads a diamond, finessing the 10. East wins the DJ and and plays a spade. At this point South can still scramble a trick or two by discarding diamonds, but Gee ruffs with the H9. West overruffs with H10, pulls declarer’s last trump, and the defense cashes four black suit tricks and the long trump. 1100.

Gee manfully shoulders responsibility for the result in the post mortem.

Spec #1: EW makes 4H!!!
Spec #1: stix and wheeeeeeeels
Spec #2: oh well only 1.6 imps
Spec #2: 12.6
Spec #3: kaboom
G: I am not playing well any more
Spec #1: not playing well?????
Spec #3: go figure
Spec #4: any more?
Spec #5: now that was dbl dummy
G: let’s make this our last ok?
Spec #6: g-man strikes again
Spec #1: it takes great effort to bid that 2H
Spec #2: the operative words “not playing well”
johnjay: ok
Spec #7: the bid was ok then???????
Spec #4: sounds like
Spec #8: yes, but the play wasn’t

I kind of missed the logo. Didn’t you?

  3 Responses to “Double Dummy”


    Incredible. G, like Zia, makes tricks disappear. The only difference is Zia makes the defense’s tricks disappear while G loses his own. Each takes equal skill though.


    Both are awesome in their own way and each boggles the mind. Unfortunately Gee expects the same kudos & admiration as Zia for he fails to see any difference.


    Even playing negative free bids, the 2h bid was at best very marginal. The negative double works wonders here. Even as light as it is, would be a fine bid.

    Johnjay should be put at fault here also. Open 1d with that hand John.

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