The Stat Card: A Pictorial History – The Gee Chronicles

The Stat Card: A Pictorial History


July 9th, 2002 began as an ordinary summer morning, perhaps a little hotter and stiller than usual. Then a lone bridge player began to change his stat card…Warning: The following images are extremely graphic and for mature audiences only.

Before that fateful morning Gerard had an ordinary stat card, with his web address, a little harmless hype for Bridge Is A Conversation, that sort of thing. And then he snapped. First this:


Now is that any way to attract students? Next, the vampire special:


I never drink…wine. And doesn’t character assassination usually entail spreading false rumors? It’s a real shame we lost some of this prose off the right margin. A few minutes later Gee realized that maybe the character assassination business wasn’t such a clever idea after all:


However, I’m still sucking blood at this point. Time for a quick shift to etiquette lessons:


Is it black tie too, or can you come as you are? And finally, the return to quasi-normality:


What a long strange trip it’s been.

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