The Gee Chronicles

Oct 302003
Meet the panel.
Nationally-known expert player and teacher David Better is one of Gee’s bestest friends in the whole wide world. Was, anyway.
Ira Chorush has numerous regional and national titles to his credit, including the Men’s Board-A-Match in 1987. He has also been a panelist on the original Master Solvers Club for The Bridge World.
Geeselle, a long-time secret admirer of Gerard, has played both with and against him, but prefers to worship from a discreet distance in the gallery.
Phil Hernandez is alleged to have some credentials, but mostly I just think he’s funny.
I have watched legendary Gee-spec Chris Larsen analyze hundreds of hands. He has been wrong twice. Maybe three times. His international titles include the 2001 Seniors Bowl.
Frequent site commentator Larry Mori is a Grand Life Master, the only remaining ACBL rank with actual meaning. I still have no idea why he spells his OKBridge handle differently from his name.
Dr. Robert needs no introduction. He does need research funds, however.
Doug Ross claims that he can count the mice around the table, and I have no reason to doubt him.
Mark Smith wants it known that everything he says is in this forum is directed toward preserving Gerard’s reputation, and can he please still spec at his table, please?
Cenk Tuncok is here because I needed a Turk to fill out the panel.
Famed bridge author (Shadow in the Bridge World) Mike Dorn Wiss is perhaps even better known for his theoretical contributions to Gee-ology, most notably the Bones Principle.

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