The Gee Chronicles

Feb 272003

Dear Dr. Robert:

What was up with the three-month holiday? Don’t you keep office hours?


Dear What,

It feels good to be back! I’ve gotten dozens of letters like yours, so let’s get down to it. I was undercover on a highly dangerous research expedition. My goal, as ever, was to find out all I can about Gerard so that I could better deliver to you and your brethren, all the Ben Dublins and Ivana Specgees out there, the information that you want — that you need — to know! I can’t go into too many details, but intelligence-gathering is a risky business. I hacked my way through dense jungles eluding desperadoes, and dodging bullets in Gee-spec daily, all for your edification. The results have been spectacular; my knowledge of the man and his methods has increased to a degree that not even I thought possible.

Start reading my columns regularly for the latest in:

  • Bones doubles, and their applications and corrolaries.
  • All Gee’s favorite conventions, such as Gerber, unusual notrump, and unusual unusual notrump.
  • Captain/Crew/First-Mate/Deck-Swabbing theory.
  • Partnership bridge: Gerard style!
  • Moles at Gerard’s tables. Who are they? How should they be punished?
  • What is Aaron up to these days?
  • The man himself. What makes Gerard tick?

So let’s get those questions coming in! Nothing is too difficult, too controversial, or too embarrassing: all questions will be answered! Remember to keep reading, because it’s hard to mock an idiot if you’re one yourself. So to you dear reader, I wish a good night and a pleasant tomorrow.

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