Dem Bones – The Gee Chronicles
Feb 252003

N/S Vul
Dealer: North
Lead: D4

H 10 7 4
D A Q J 9 7 5
C Q 7 2
S K Q 9 6 4 2
H A 6 2
D 3
C A J 3
[W - E] Maestro
S 7
H Q J 9 8 5 3
D K 10 2
C 9 5 4
S J 10 8 5 3
D 8 6 4
C K 10 8 6

3 H

1 D
3 D
2 H


Today’s auction is a case study in how a series of normal bids can lead to a disastrous contract. The diamond opener is unobjectionable, and Gee’s weak overcall is perfectly correct at the favorable vulnerability. South’s negative double is on the thin side, but if you pass you can easily miss a cold spade game. West happily takes the opportunity to sandbag his moose in support of hearts, and is delighted to see his belated raise Bonesed by North, ending the auction.

So our hero winds up in 3HX where 4H has an excellent play. But it’s not called a Bones double for nothing. The defense begins with two rounds of diamonds, Gee winning the king and sluffing a club from the board, carefully preserving the spades. Is there a losing line? An immediate spade works. A diamond ruff and a spade works. A diamond ruff and the trump ace nets an uptrick, as does a trump finesse followed by the finesse of the 9 back. The trump finesse followed by a second high trump, a diamond ruff, and a high spade works. With the heart king stiff, even the club ace and a second club works.

Give up? The maestro leads the trump queen, wins South’s king with the ace, leads another trump back, plays the jack, and only then, having established the high trump for North but before ruffing a diamond, does he play a spade! The contract would still make if South held the spade ace, but we all know how unlucky Gee is. North wins the ace, cashes the trump and a diamond, and the defense comes to a club at the end to beat the contract one.

(Hand credit: pseudo-Gerard)

  3 Responses to “Dem Bones”


    I must admit, sometimes Gee comes up with a line of play that astounds even moi, and I must concede him to be the absolute master of the art of spinning straw from gold, for he does so not with the plebian hamhand of the plodder, but with the flair and flourish of the true artiste.


    This one is a very strong candidate for the hand of the year! No post mortem discussions to spice it up a little?

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