Intermezzo – The Gee Chronicles
Feb 212003

E/W Vul
Dealer: North
Lead: HA

E/W Vul
Dealer: North
S 7 5 3
H A J 10 7 5 2
D K 5 3
C 2
S K 8 6
H K Q 6 3
D Q 7 4
C 10 9 6
[W - E] lornic
S A Q 9
H 8 4
D A 9
C Q J 8 5 4 3
S J 10 4 2
H 9
D J 10 8 6 2
C A K 7


2 D
3 C


Too lazy to write a full hand today, but a small squib to whet the appetite, say, a four-trick* defensive compression play.

Gee’s partner, once again, is the fortunate Josh Donn. His 2D opener is multi, showing either a major suit weak two-bid or a strong balanced hand. East makes a pretty usual 3C overcall, and West bids an aggressive notrump game.

Josh leads the heart ace, Gee dropping the 9, and continues the suit as Gee discards a club and declarer wins the king. East plays a club; Gee wins the king and surveys the territory. What to play, what to play? Once the clubs are established declarer will have at least nine tricks: four clubs, two hearts (being marked with the queen of hearts on the play, not to mention the bidding), a diamond, and two spades. No hearts left, so that’s out. Spade into the AQ doesn’t look too promising. Ummm…

Cash the other club. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

*Only a two-trick compression if declarer ducks in diamonds, playing North for Kx or Kxx, and blocks the suit.

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