Son of Bones Redouble – The Gee Chronicles
Dec 302002

None Vul
Dealer: South
Lead: H4

S 7 4
H J 9 7 4 3 2
D Q 9
C 10 7 3
S A Q 8 5 3
H K Q 5
D 2
C A Q 6 2
[W - E] justinl
S J 10 6 2
H A 10 8
D A 10
C K 9 8 5
S K 9
H 6
D K J 8 7 6 5 4 3
C J 4

6 S


4 S
5 D
6 D



4 D
5 S


The Bones Principle lends itself to various extensions. Surely if it is sound to double any contract Gee chooses to declare, it is equally sound to ship back any double he chooses to make on defense. And who better to demonstrate the Bones Redouble than that legendary bonesmaster himself, Seaman Justin Lall?

After North’s four spade bid is sandwiched by two doubles, a lesser player might suspect foul play. But not Gee: he always trusts his partner, come what may. And again, an ordinary player might view the Seaman’s double of 4NT as a hint that something is amiss. To the Maestro this is nonsense. Partner bid 4NT, and he meant 4NT — RKC for spades. Gee passes dutifully. He holds the SK, they play DOPI, that is all he knows on earth and all he needs to know.

Naturally 5D, doubled again by the Seaman (his bidding line is Double-Double-Double-Double-Pass-Redouble, and even at Gee’s tables you don’t see that every day), must be a diamond cue. Spades have been agreed as trump, have they not? Gee signs off in 5S and awaits further developments.

Which are forthcoming: this time Janine doubles, North pulls to 6D, and the light begins to dawn, one would assume. 6D goes for sticks and wheels, but Janine makes the superficially foolish decision to pull to 6S.

Our hero doubles. His partner bid spades, he has Kx, how can they make 6S? The Seaman of course ships it back, and complains afterwards when Janine plays the trump ace and another trump, instead of taking the trump finesse for an overtrick. Didn’t Gee show one keycard? Can’t anyone be trusted any more?

  3 Responses to “Son of Bones Redouble”


    G, I keep on hoping you get better, I really do.

    Come on G. Remember that captaincy principle of yours? And I do mean your captaincy principle. Well it applies on this hand. I have not read the analysis yet, but I do remember the bidding.

    1. After you preempt your partner is the captain. Espcially if your preempt is in 1st or 2nd seat.

    2. After the takeout x, and the double of your partner’s 4s bid, you have to think he’s psyching. Well, I guess you didn’t, but even a novice STCP would.

    3. After the x of the 4nt bid by your partner, even the novice STCP would realize that something is wrong somewhere, and he does not have enough information to make partnership decisions.

    4. So your partner bids 5d, and it gets doubled. What makes you think you know enough about his hand to bid 5s. Especially since the opponents have already doubled 4s for penalty!

    5. Then your partner bids 6d, they x, and they voluntarily bid 6s. You x? Come on g. Get with the program. Have you been listening to the auction at all? If your partner can not x 6s, you certainly can not.

    G I hope you get better. Maybe if you took some lessons.


    Even for the Inimitable One, this is an auction beyond reason, one which proves irrevocably that Gee, amongst his many talents, also possesses the table feel of the proverbial earthworm. Lessee now, he has opened with a four level preempt and lho has shown a moose. After pard has freely bid one of the opps advertised suits allegedly to play) his rho has tickled that. Hmmm….something is funny here. Now his pard has bid 4NT. If he really had spades he should be happy to sit for 4SX. Maybe he’s jacking them around, ya think? Naw…Gee and thought is oxymoronic, in itself also axiomatic. So pard finally runs to Gee’s original suit, proving beyond any doubt he is toying with the opps. Does Gee follow the simple bridge axiom that, having made a preemptive bid, pard is the (choke, gag) captain? Naw, he runs to the suit he cannot have, begging the opps to use him as bait on a hook, like any good earthworm. Poor pard again retreats, and when the opps sign off in slam in pard’s ‘original’ suit, which he does not double, he then tickles it himself, showing reasoning power that is nothing if not consistent. Does anyone know of a bait store that needs inventory?


    Playing the ace of spades then another spade is better on a deal like this for offence since u are almost assuring the contract. Also if north hand does happen to have the king of spades you will look like a fool when another heart sets.

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