A Ghastly Crew – The Gee Chronicles
Oct 172002

N/S Vul
Dealer: East
Lead: D3

S Q 8 6 4
H J 6 5 2
D 6 5
C A 10 4
S 5
H A 8 7 4 3
D K 9 7 4 3
C 3 2
[W - E] carmdog
S K 10 9
H K Q 9
D J 10 2
C J 9 8 5
S A J 7 3 2
H 10
D A Q 8
C K Q 7 6



3 S

1 S
3 C


Today we see captain/crew theory in action. Mini-Gee kicks things off with a second-hand spade opener. Gee raises to two, immediately requests an undo, and changes his (correct) bid to 1NT on the grounds that it was an “accident.” Since 2S was correct this sounds right to me.

Mini-Gee jump shifts to 3C. Any STCP™ who thinks Mini is a queen or so short for this game-forcing bid is advised to review Gee’s comprehensive explanation of captaincy theory. The opener, to repeat, cannot be captain. The responder places the contract.

Which is fine. Gee knows that Mini-Gee has an excellent hand with at least nine cards in the blacks (he would bid 2NT or 3NT if he were more balanced). Holding nothing more than four-card spade support and three clubs to the A10, he makes the expert decision of signing off in three spades. Mini, as crew, has no choice but to pass, and pass he does. Gee approves wholeheartedly: no results merchant he.

“Magic hand,” he says, as West leads a low diamond for the second overtrick. “Claim 6, Efes. Give a heart and let’s go on.” Efes, less ambitious, decides to concede the defense’s natural trump trick as well and claim five. In the post mortem Gee waxes positively effusive. The spec comments, since I lack the transcript, must be left to the imagination.

G: Efes, I command [sic] you for passing 3S… first time ever I see you observe the captain/crew relationship rules properly:-)))))))))
g: yeah..i had too [siccer]..why did u not bid 4 :-(
G: was afraid you would go on
g: noooo
g: u r the capt
G: I am very proud of you, kido [siccest]:-)

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    No the bid was not correct… we play 1Major-2Major as 18+ and 1Major-1NT as 5-17 points. Please refrain from making statements without knowing what we play.


      If I understand your system correctly, does this mean that 3S in this instance shows a fit in both suits and 4C and/or 4S denies them?

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