The Gee Chronicles

Oct 162002

Loyal reader mercutia writes:

I thought perhaps Gee might find it helpful to do as I have done. I’ve noticed that sometimes, his partners ask him questions such as “WHY????” or “how could you [x]????” Well, occasionally, my partners have done the same thing, and since my answers seem to have gone unheard, I took the liberty of making myself several little cards, about 1.5″x2.5″. When partner poses the interrogative, i just reach into my wallet, pull one out, and hand it silently across the table. i thought that perhaps Gee would like to have some of these cards printed up too. They say:

Because (choose one):

a. I am a complete f—-ing retard [note use of dashes, since Gee prohibits bad words at his table]
b. It has always been my dream to have a 42% game
c. The opps are paying me
d. No hablo inglés

I’m sure these would be appreciated in the spirit in which they are given.

They are.

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