The Gee Chronicles

Oct 022002

Dear Dr. Robert:

Why has shotgun not taken his rightful place as Gee’s main partner? Could it be he is afraid of being the captain?

–Curious in Cyberspace

Dear CC Rider,

Not at all! In fact your question can be answered with a letter I recently received. It was slid under my door in a blank envelope, and written by piecing together magazine clippings, so I can vouch for its authenticity.

Dear Dr. Robert, A recent poll indicated that I am the people’s choice to be Gee’s partner. I was wondering whether I could have myself cloned for bridge purposes to be available for Gee at all times. I was also wondering whether I could be frozen now so that I would be available at a future date to be able to partner my idol Gee when he is an even better model player. I believe I can serve him and the world better by waiting ten or more years since my life expectancy may not be as long as his. If your cloning procedures are already perfect, perhaps I can be cloned and then frozen. Then I could play now, and be available for Gee if my life terminates before his. Could you make this dream happen for me?

Yours faithfully,
s.g., Tampa, FL

I trust this clears up the matter.

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