The Gee Chronicles

Oct 022002

Could someone help me with a little research project? Apparently Gerard has been featured in several past issues of Bridge World:

Spec #1: try and get into challenge the champs, I think you could
Spec #1: you read The Bridge World?
G: no, I dont… why?
Spec #1: oh, there is a bidding series called challenge the champs
Spec #1: an expert pair bids hard hands I think you could get in easily, I will recommend you to Kokish if you want
Spec #2: a score of 20 would be remarkable
G: 20 what?
Spec #3: 20 points
Spec #2: Have you ever read The Bridge World G?
G: no, but I know they wrote about [me] several times in the last 10 years
Spec #1: they wrote about you G?
Spec #1: what issue is that, i have all the back issues from 1990-2002 and also all of 1986
G: yes, several times
Spec #1: maybe i could find the articles about you, know which month/year it is?
G: I dont know, specially since I dont read it
Spec #1: oh ic
G: and it was more than once
Spec #4: there is an index on the web with every name that has been mentioned we can look them up
Spec #1: G, was it an article by victor mollo? there is someone called timothy the toucan who he wrote about sometimes, maybe it was you in disguise?
G: I dunno, justin
Spec #1: oh might be
G: I was not interested at the time
Spec #3: timothy the toucan is pretty good
Spec #3: i cant find the index on the bridge world website
G: I had a carrrier [sic] that had nothing to do with bridge….it is only in the last 2 years or so that I switched to bridge as an activity because I can’t work my ex-profession anymore for health reasons
Spec #3: what your ex-profession
G: computer software development for the movie industry

Gee modestly disclaims all interest in his Bridge World mentions. Still, I’d certainly like to link to them or provide issue dates at the very least. The trouble is, as Spec #3 points out, the Bridge World web index doesn’t exist. Please, someone help.

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