Non-Forcing, Non-Working – The Gee Chronicles
Jul 212002

E/W Vul
Dealer: South
Lead: H3

S A 10 7 4 3
D K 10 7 6
C A K 9 6
S 9 6
H A K 10 9 7 6 2
D 9 5
C Q 5
[W - E] Maestro
S K Q J 5
H J 4 3
D Q J 2
C J 7 4
S 8 2
H Q 8 5
D A 8 4 3
C 10 8 3 2

3 H


3 S




In the absence of a post mortem, we are forced to speculate about the often-mysterious motives for Gee’s play. Today we are fortunate: he gives us a personal glimpse into the mind of a master.

West opens a reasonable 3H, doubled by North. Gee redoubles, passed back to North. 3H redoubled is down 1, but one can hardly fault North for pulling to 3S, which buys the contract.

Gee leads the H3, won by West with the K as North discards a diamond. West returns the CQ, as good as anything. Declarer wins the CA and leads a low trump. Gee wins the SJ, pauses, and returns the C7 into declarer’s marked tenace. Declarer wins in hand and plays A and another trump. Gee wins and, mindful of the danger in switching defensive strategies mid-hand, continues clubs with the J, which, it cannot be denied, shows a certain flair.

North wins and forces out the last trump. Gee leads…a low diamond. Minus 140. The post mortem:

YIGAL: Partner, why not play hearts?
G: Nirgr does not have any, and I would rather try to set up my diamonds.
YIGAL: But you have a trick in clubs…
G: Did not know which would work, diamonds or clubs, at the beginning of the play and picked the wrong suit…but what else is new?

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