Taking the Sacrifice – The Gee Chronicles
Jun 282002

None Vul
Dealer: West
Lead: C8

S J 10
H A K Q J 6
D 3 2
C K Q 10 3
S A Q 6 5 2
H 8 5
D K 9
C A J 5 4
[W - E] mjg
S K 8 7 3
H 9 7 3 2
D Q J 8 5
C 8
S 9 4
H 10 4
D A 10 7 6 4
C 9 7 6 2
1 S
2 H
5 H!
4 S


This was one of the hands on which Gerard lost 80 IMPs without making a mistake. Perhaps if we analyze the hand in some detail we can discover where his partner went astray.

Gerard, looking at three quite likely defensive tricks against four spades, and six tricks declaring five hearts, opts for the sacrifice. After all, he wasn’t vulnerable, and four spades was making. East opens his singleton club, West wins the ace. At this point the defense can take the first six tricks, and a diamond later on, for down five: return a high club, two spade entries, three club ruffs. Alas, West cashes the spade ace, then returns a club. East ruffs, cashes the spade king, and exits with a trump. Looks like down three. But our hero draws two rounds of trump, crosses to the diamond ace, and takes the club finesse, allowing East to make his last trump for down 4 and -11 IMPs. Where did Gee’s partner err? All suggestions are welcome.

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    Gee’s pd erred by sitting down opposite him ;-))

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