Table Talk

Sep 012000

All my bids are golden.

—explaining to his partner (via telephone) why she will be to blame for any future bad results (Gerard denies saying this, but my source is the other party on the phone.)

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Jul 222001

“I am the only player on OKBridge that plays regularly with underdogs and weaker players and still my lehman improves every week.”

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Dec 082001

“Is it me or are my partners all weird?”

—complaining about an especially bad run of partners

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Jan 172002

“I can’t force to game, I am the dealer. I can only show you a big hand, then you decide what to do with it…responder is the only one who can make forcing bids.”

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Jan 182002

“First review was that it is revolutionary.”

—asked if his book was as good as the Bergen books

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Feb 162002

“My affliction is partners who bid by feel instead of logic. Every game it is the same thing. The worst part is that some great players think it is me who is doing this crazy stuff and refuse to play with me after that, but if these people would read my book, they would never make this kind of bid ever again.”

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Feb 192002

“I would have found the play, had I paid more attention.”

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Mar 052002

“90% of bidding errors are solved for those who read my book.”

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Mar 212002

“Partner, when you play with me, I ask you to NOT LEAD TRUMP and NOT PLAY TRUMP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HAND…EVER.”

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Mar 212002

“I’d be safer playing bridge with Osama.”

—discussing his partner with the specs

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